26-11-2014 16:12

Our models of shell chairs present from now on additional assests :

- A general line of the seat refined

- A global weight reduced of 3 kg

- Sizes of the seat aligned on the standard sizes of bedsore prevention's cushions of the market

- A tube of 40 mm in diameter, instead of 30 mm precedent, to face the hazards of transport all around the world

- And the electrical stand-up and standing position transfer aid now available on the small size !

Until november 2014 / from novenber 2014


18-08-2014 14:53

We are pleased to announce that our Company, DUPONT MEDICAL, has integrate the American group DRIVE MEDICAL.

DRIVE MEDICAL, whose head office is situated in Port Washington (Long Island/New York), manufactures and markets comprehensive lines of medical devices including technical aids for home care (wheelchairs, medical beds, bariatric products, bedsore prevention supports, bedroom equipment), rehabilitation products, home respiratory support equipment...

The group has subsidiaries and establishments en the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Asia. The company, created in 2000, has a turnover of 500 M$, with double digit sales growth every year, which makes it today a leading company in its market and present on every continent.

The complementarity between DRIVE MEDICAL and DUPONT MEDICAL is perfect. DRIVE MEDICAL did not have any factory in Europe, manufacturing wheelchairs and other technical aids for home care, and had little or no presence in the French market. DRIVE MEDICAL has products that will complement DUPONT MEDICAL's offer in the French market, and will export products manufactured by DUPONT MEDICAL. This acquisition is likely to strongly foster DUPONT MEDICAL activity.

DUPONT MEDICAL management team will remain the same, and your contacts will also remain the same.

We are proud and happy to announce this new step in the development of DUPONT MEDICAL, and we will remain at your entire disposal for the weeks and months to come to give you all the information you will request.

DUPONT MEDICAL management team.